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What is an Artisan Cigar?

There are many different types of cigars ranging in size, shape, filler, and taste. There is also a big difference between cigars that are hand-rolled and machine made.

Hand-rolled cigars tend to burn evenly because the wrapper is generally stretched and wrapped tightly. You will also notice that hand-rolled cigars tend to feel oiler, then machined rolled cigars. Also, keep in mind that because wrapper in machine rolled cigars need to be tougher to withstand the rough handling of a machine most of the time you will get a cigar that is not wrapped using a natural wrapper.

You will also find that most machine wrapped cigars use short-filler or "picadura", or chop. Short-filler is chopped up scraps of tobacco leaf that tend to burn quicker and hotter than its long counterpart. Most premium, handmade cigars use nothing but long-filler.

What is the ideal environment to keep cigars?

The ideal environment to keep your cigars is below the maximum temperature of 73°F (23°C) and between 68-74% humidity. Ideal conditions are 70°F (21°C) and 70% humidity. Cigars kept outside of a humidor may last 1-2 weeks depending on your climate, but make sure that you keep them in a sealed plastic bag.